The night is sad

A musical-dramatic composition after Ivan Bunin and Sergey Rakhmaninov’s works.

“To Ivan Bounine. November 10, 1933, New-York. Please accept my sincere congratulations from a gentleman from New York. Sergei Rakhmaninov” “My dear friend, will we not meet one another even now, indeed? Sincerely yours, all of me, Ivan Bounine”

A mono-play was awarded at several international mono-play festivals
Director – Irina Evdokimova

«The night is sad» means the night of deportation, the night of separation from motherland, from nice yesterday where youth and love made us lucky and now passed away for good.
…After Russian October revolution 1917, in the period of Civil war and later in 1920s and 1930s, thus 2 to 2.5 mln. Russian people were forced to leave their homeland for going abroad…
Ivan Bounine was asked one day: “Will you come back home yet?”
“No sense for me to do that: among those I loved, there are nobody alive”, he said.

The show includes:
verses, extracts from Ivan Bounine’s books “ The Accursed Days”, “Nobel prize days”, and narrations ”While walking across a familiar street”,” Caucasus”, “Chapel” ;
Sergei Rakhmaninov’s pieces of work “Elegy”, romances “Lilac”, “They responded”,
“ Dream”, “The night is sad”, “I’m waiting for you”, “You took away everything from me”, “Here is nice place”, “Do not sing me your songs, my beauty”, “I’m so hurt”, “Spring tide”.
Duration of the performance – 60 minutes


С.Рахманинов “Здесь хорошо”

С.Рахманинов “Как мне больно”


“This performance captivates you from the very first minute, you indeed feel plunging into this art, into some memories. And also there was this terrific unity with the audience, the spectators absorbed each sound of music, each gesture, each word, and one could sense the actress holding her audience, she was leading everybody along”.