Dedicated to I…

Monodrama based on the poem by Ioseph Brodsky “Dedicated to Yalta”

Performance-winner of international festivals Director – Alexey Zlobin
Designer – Boris Petrushansky
Choreographer – Alisher Hasanov

“For in a real tragedy, it is not the hero who perishes; it is the chorus.” Joseph Brodsky

“Dedicated to I…” is an absurd detective story that blasts off the solid of stereotype ideas about the life of an individual being of highest value. It is a spectacular and dynamic performance based on Joseph Brodsky poetry, that includes fragments from opera arias and has mise-en-scène build-up that is actually choreographic, and that with the staging concept is marked by extreme restraint. In the play the music of H.Purcell, G.Donizetti, J.Verdi, Sh.Gounod, F.Schubert …

Duration of the performance – 80 minutes

Видео и аудио:

“Дидона и Эней” Бродский-Пёрселл

Радиопередача ко дню рождения Иосифа Бродского


Irina Eudokimova’s “Dedicated to I…” is a sample of intellectual impressionism. It is with means of her own body that the actress creates the imagery, the conceptual and rhythmical design of the performance.”

“Dream, reality, sea, sultry weather, idleness, Yalta, love, loneliness, hard liquor, murder, seagulls crying, poetry, choreography, music, suddenly – the black square of the stage and a tiny fragile woman on it… Acting on the very edge: it indeed seems that that just one step further and the thread will break, and the actress will never return to people, but will stay beyond, over there inside the acting out, in the fantasy world…”

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