The repertoire includes the following composers: G.Caccini, J.S.Bach, A.Scarlatti, W.A.Mozart, L.V.Beethoven, F.Schubert, R. Schumann, J.Brahms, R. Strauss, G.Wolf, А.Berg, G. Puccini, G.Meyerbeer, G.Bizet, G.Foret, М. Ravel, C. Debussy, F.Listz, F.Chopin, E. Grieg, and also, operatic arias from musical plays, jazz compositions, French chanson songs, and opuses of А.Piaccolla, Sting, E.Clapton…



“It’s astounding, the way the singer wields very different manners of singing, from classical bell canto to folk and rock! Wonderful high-class musicians!
If you haven’t been yet to a concert of Irina Evdokimova, singer, you absolutely must go to one!”